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My Quarantine Diary: what are we going to do?

Melted Crayons

Aside from ruining our muffin tins, this was a hit! Peeling crayons is actually quite soothing and just what I needed.

Gummi Bears

Finally got around to ordering some of those silicon baking pans. The bears turned out more like jello but the kids ate them right up.

Rube Goldberg

In my youth I remember building a Rube Goldberg project with my Daddy for a Science the end it blew my lifeguard whistle! So my thought here was to teach the kids about the 6 simple machines and then possibly build something out of them. The lesson went great, then they lost interest 😂 Although we did later get a Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Building Kit, which they thought was really cool!

Yarn Orbs

This was a massive bust. After waiting for like 2 days for the glue to dry and then poked a hole in the balloon...the orb deflated. I may have made the glue mixture too watery 🤷‍

Color Changing Milk

And another major bust, I was struggling this week. After starting the project I realized we only had gel food the milk and food coloring just mixed.

AR DIY workshop

The kids and I have been to AR Workshop in Old Town a few when I saw they were doing DIY pick-up kits, I jumped on it!

Bake a Cake

Missing our lovely Lyles Crouch Traditional Academy friends...

Make a Play

We spent most of a day designing scenery and costumes. We then only got through about one scene. 😂

Pizazz Art Studio

I found this Facebook page from my neighbors recommendation. There is a new watercolor tutorial almost daily. What is great about the tutorials is that she has her kids doing it with her so my kids were not getting super upset if their's did not exactly match hers or if it was not perfect.

Hair Dye

I love crazy hair now is the best time for this sort of fun! We must have received a last batch because hair dye is hard to come by these days...

Treasure Hunt

This was really fun. I have a lot of doo-dads so we made a treasure hunt for our neighbors. We drew up a map of the hood and added the 1st clue to it. Then decided where it would lead to a 2nd, 3rd, etc clue and finally to a treasure bag (random doo-dads and candy)!

I have been trying to get the kids excited for Scavenger Hunts as well...not so much.

Painted Rocks

My mom told me about something the neighborhood I grew up in was doing. People paint rocks, scatter them throughout the hood, and then when someone finds one they post a photo, and replace it for someone new to find. #tcprocks

Kiwi Crate

I had seen ads for this KiwiCo that delivered projects to your front door. They were oferring a free month so I decided to give it a go. Our first crate was an Arcade. We had a hoot playing with it! I think we will keep the subscription for now...

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