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Katie Palavecino

age: 40 and fabulous

strength: swimming and time management

fav race and result: years of Luray Triathlons

bio: Hi, I am Katie. I like pink, glitter, and all things fitness related. 


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Matias Palavecino

age: 37

strength: running, patience, and persistence

fav race and result: Eagleman 70.3

bio: Hi, I am Matias. I like crushing dreams. 


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Leo Palavecino

age: 7

strength: running and spelling

fave race and result: Rev3 Stafford Splash and Dash (1st place 6 & Under)

bio: Hi, I am Leo. I did my 1st triathlon when I was 5 holding hands with my Mommy.

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Chloe Palavecino

age: 6

strength: catch-up drill

fav food: chick nugs

bio: I am planning on marrying my bougie.

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