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My Quarantine Diary: Tour de Peloton

I randomly stumbled across the Tour de Peloton Facebook group a couple weeks ago. The group was for people who have completed this challenge or were about to (I think you have 30 days to complete). All cycle instructors (23) with no breaks. I was totally in.

The preparation:

I spent about a week figuring out me ride plan in a spreadsheet. Then I cleared out my bookmarks and bookmarked only the rides I had lined up. I was not huge on the minute lag time that the rides have before you start...the 5 minute warm up/cool down rides do not have the lag, but I did not want to just do all 5 minutes, so threw in some other stuff. I filtered to find rides with mainly Electronic music...because I like the beats. I organized the instructors to scatter my favorites throughout. And also came up with a workout structure: zone 1, zone 2, zone 2/3, zone 3, zone 1, repeat. Aside from the 3 x 30 minute workouts I choose, I would use this structure and not really do what the instructor was doing.

The ride:

I woke up Saturday am ready to go! Planned to start at 7:00am but got going around 6:40am. I decided to keep a watch running to get my actual ride time (which would include that minute lag before some of the rides. After each instructor I would go to my bookmarks and unbookmark the last and find the next. It was actually pretty smooth.

Hannah Marie Corbin - I had to start with this lovely lady

Alex Toussaint - That's Just The Way It Is, Bruce Hornsby, was not expecting this from Alex but good stuff my man

Erik Jager - come again? ok this was all in German

Cody Rigsby - love you BOO

Ben Alldis - brought me back to college with some Rusted Root

Christian Vande Velde - this was one of the 30min rides, nice to meet you CVV

Jenn Sherman - I ate a banana

Kendall Toole - I will have to pick her as a newly discovered instructor pick, LOVE her music taste

Denis Morton - Whaaaaaaat's up everybody.....

Tunde Oyeneyin - bring on some Janet Jackson!

Hannah Frankson

Matt Wilpers - this was my mess up, I had bookmarked a 30min ride with Matt, did not realize it was not an Endurance ride, so went to find a new one...accidentally chose a 45min ride and realized 5 minutes in 🤦‍♀️ I went with it, good thing I was in good company with my fav instructor! but I needed food. texting/calling Matias non-stop but nothing (turns out everyone was still asleep at 9!)

Sam Yo - after Matt I ran down for a Diet Coke and the fruit salad I had prepared, so I enjoyed that during an easy zone 1 recovery

Steven Little - OK, I was now enjoying the minute lag time before rides, while I had been spinning through them I was no slowing my legs down quite a bit and standing up

Christine D'Ercole - I AM, I CAN, I WILL, I DO

Jess King - and this was when Murph text me...she wanted to join for the last bit. WOOHOOO this was huge

Leanne Hainsby

Olivia Amato - and my latest girl fav, I had planned on another 30min ride here, but after the Matt screw up went with 5min

Irene Scholz - say what?

Ally Love - these next 3 (Ally, Robin, Emma) 🔥...I placed here to keep myself motivated!

Robin Arzon - I had another wind and felt like finishing strong 💪

Emma Lovewell

Jennifer Jacobs

I finished feeling really good and am looking forward to the next one!!!...Pelo-Tens and Tour de Instructors...what else have I got to do?! Next one I plan to wear my HR monitor.

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