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My Quarantine Diary: our evolution of homeschool

I never had aspirations to be a teacher. I have taught swimming, Girls on The Run, and done my fair share of babysitting. And as impatient as I am, somehow I actually have a lot of patience with children. It has been interesting and actually great learning things about Leo & Chloe I had no idea about. But it is SO hard to teach your own kids. The whole experience is really very bittersweet.

A few days after we found out school was closed through Spring Break, we find out it is closed through the end of the year. NOT EVEN KIDDING.

ok then. I needed to make more out of this homeschool situation to prepare Leo for 3rd grade and Chloe for 2nd grade. I tried to put together a lesson plan for each day with the resources we had been given from their teachers...basically using packets they were sent home with and the apps they used. We had academic time from say 10-1130 and 1-230. then some arts & crafts or an activity of some sort. SHOOT this was exhausting and took so much patience and bribing (don't even ask how much candy we have gone through). Hats off to teachers!

Matias and I discussed how we would handle Spring Break. The original plan was to head to Florida to visit my Dad & Ginger and then to Bermuda for an ITU race, Matias had won some free entries into. Those plans were canceled. Ok, so do we keep our homeschool going through Spring Break? Well, what else were we going to do?! so we would continue. Day 1...NOPE NOPE NOPE...apparently Leo & Chloe are smarter than they look and had plans which had nothing to do with learning. We whatever you want. Chloe has become an AMAZING Roblox is actually pretty impressive. And Leo...needs a lot of cuddle breaks. And if you know our family you will know...there was very little laundry and a shortage in underwear.

Coming to the end of Spring Break I felt tired just thinking of getting back into our routine. meh. I came up with a new idea. Instead of having times where we would learn I wrote each of the kids a task list that needed to be completed by 2pm each day. They complete their tasks and we attend the scheduled Zoom meetings with their teachers. We are half way into the week and this is working. Leo likes to complete his work early and be done and have free time, while Chloe...she does love her Roblox.

A few observations:

  • Leo HATES Zoom. Seriously, the paranoia he gets from this app. I have to sit next to him while he practically lays on top of me. Actually he hates any kind of video chatting.

  • Chloe is distracted. Her teacher told me this and she was correct. It takes her a long time to do her work. Did you see that butterfly? I don't know where she gets this 😂

  • Chloe is really good at math. For me it took awhile for math to click (like sometime in middle school but then I ended up with a minor in it). She has it naturally...maybe from her Daddy.

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