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Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019!

Goodbye 2018.  worst. year. ever.

The year started off decent with a family trip to San Dog.  Aside from a spill and Uber trip back to the hotel while running the trip was fun.  And then the Disney Cruise....for something I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it ended up being​ hands down​ the highlight of 2018. 

​​I looked forward to a training trip to Kona with Flaca at the end of February.  This did not turn out so hot.  I went into the trip feeling super fit and ended my fit streak on Day 1 when I pulled out of the 1st ride with major shin pain.  But hey I was in Kona and at least I could do what I loved....swim.  A day later Flaca bit it big time on a run and ended up in the hospital.  We cut the trip short (good thing since she got the flu on the way home). 

Then BOOM the car accident.  Heading to meet a PTA friend for a meeting at Firehook and I got tee boned.  A secret service agent.  My bad.  ​Thankfully kids were NOT in the car and no one was hurt.  ​My car was in bad shape and out of commission for a month.

After all this motivation to train and race triathlons was lacking big time.  For the past few years another passion of mine was playing tug of war for the spotlight.  I had numerous talks with Natalie, the owner of Xtend Barre Old Town, about teaching.  I told her it was time and we came up with a solid plan to get me certified.  That same week spring was finally in the air and I decided to dust off my blades to get to a barre class.  I remember thinking, wow I should oil these suckers up and make them nice again.  Then I hit a stick and did the splits.  POP.  That couldn’t have been good​...seriously I have never been able to do the splits​.  2nd Uber trip home​ from a fall this year​.   Everything happened pretty quickly and I was having surgery on a complete hamstring tear 2 weeks later.  SH&$#T.  Like seriously major surgery.  I was in a leg brace for 5 weeks...sleeping and everything.  Good thing I don’t sweat easily.  When things like this happen I’m good about quickly readjusting my fitness goals and making new ones.  Goal here being to keep active in some way or another.  Next thing you know a Vasa was being delivered to my house.  Oh my sanity saver.  I did that thing every day for 30 days straight, until I was cleared to get back in the pool.  Why yes, I am crazy​ but at least I had buff arms​. 

Then some other really bad stuff happened. But onward and upward to 2019!....

August and my 40th!  Wohooo.  “Mama, can you stop getting older at 40? says my sweet Leo.”   Gah I wish.​  Not to be a downer...but they always told me when you hit 40 things hurt, your metabolism slows, its just I always thought ya that happens overnight.  Well...unfortunately, they were right.​

I learned a lot about myself this year.  And I owe a lot of that to my best friend, my lover, my partner in life...Matias.  You teach me everyday that being happy means not trying so hard for perfection.  and to stop waiting for everything to be perfect to start enjoying our life.  In pursuit of perfection in all aspects of my life just brings a lot lot lot of struggle. 

1st swim in this AMAZING pool

10+ years ago working out was more of something I felt like I had to do each day. Now I can say I just genuinely enjoy the time spent out there. So I decided to make the most out of the experience and time spent and joined The St James.

So with that this year I want to start enjoying all that I have.....

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